Monthly Goals: March 2017

So...February pretty much sucked. I was sick for a few weeks, well for a few days, and then sick again. I fell behind in a lot of stuff and then finally caught up. But I have some new goals and I'm trying to look at things with optimism for March, so let's see what they are and how I did with last month's goals!


1. Figure out where the hell we're going to live.

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but it's one of the only things I've been thinking about lately. Right now, we're (me, my sister, and Al) basically all between homes, house sitting for one woman and going to our other residences when we can. This means we're basically paying rent to not live somewhere solid, which I HATE. Since I was a kid, I have never felt like I lived in a stable place--it was always going to be taken away or disappear in some way. Now that I have a chance to make my own place with people I love, I am really eager to get the ball rolling. My dad's house was sold, but the closing keeps getting pushed back and we have no idea what small chunk of change we'll be getting, so once we do, we can make a plan and I cannot wait!

2. Get at least 30,000 words in the Dark Contemporary Book.

I was writing in this religiously before I got sick, so I'm proud to say I hit 21,000 words! I am loving this story and I cannot wait to get more of it done. However, I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself because when I do that I get burnt out. Also, I will be focusing most of my free time on editing the Secret Sci-fi Project, so I think 30,000 words is a good goal to start. 

3. Confirm at least 50 reviews for one book.

I started asking reviewers if they would like to review my book(s) again, and I am overwhelmed with the feedback already. I plan on querying a bunch each month, so 50 might seem small but it's a lot for me.

4. Solidify release schedule.

Right now, I do have a loose schedule, but I haven't cracked down and made it more solid. Right now it goes: Dark Contemporary in the summer, the next Shadow & Ink book in the fall, and a Sunshine novella or short story in the winter. If at all possible, there will be more between, but that's all I've got.

5. Read at least 3 books.

I met this goal last month with ease, so I hope I can keep on the reading train this month as well.

6. Get back on gym schedule.

I am actually starting that today. My medication makes it hard to lose weight in the first place, and after basically a month of not working out, I am less than pleased with my size and my health and my sister is getting married in the fall so I would really like to not feel awful in a bridesmaid dress. I'm also going to invest in some more workout gear, since I literally own one pair of pants and one shirt.

7. Save more money!

Every month I plan to save 500 dollars and every month I come up short. I think it would work better if I set up automatic withdrawals either once a day or once a week. It wouldn't be much, but it would definitely be better than nothing.

8. Write a guest post for at least 1 other blog.

I really enjoy being featured on other blogs, so if you run one and have something you'd like me to write about, hit me up!

9. Go on a date with the Mr.

Between work, stressing out about where we're going to live, both of us being sick, and all kinds of other stuff, me and Mr. Boo have not had a lot of time for just us. I would love to go on a date or stay in just the two of us one night. ;)

10. Clean up my social media.

There are so many people and pages that I don't know. There are groups people have added me to that I wasn't aware of, and I'm tired of getting notifications of things I don't care about and seeing negativity on my feed. Time to weed out the nonsense and make it simple again.

11. Post more consistently online.

If you've noticed, my author page as well as my editing page on Facebook have been more active than usual. That's because I am FINALLY taking advantage of the schedulig a post feature I've somehow neglected all these years. It helps me engage with readers/clients more and makes it easier to reach them when I have something important to say, so if you see one of my posts, give it a like so more people can see!

12. Turn off all electronics after a certain time each night.

I've kind of been forced to do this simply because my phone has been slowly taking a nosedive and I can't be bothered to fix it. Once it dies for the night, I don't recharge it because it takes forever and when I do plug it in, I leave it in the living room, away from where I'm sleeping so I'm not tempted to look at it and I have more time to read and just relax without being bombarded with technology.

13. Finish first read through of Super Secret Sci-fi Project and print it out.

I've been working diligently on filling in holes and submitting it to my workshop friends for feedback. I'm really close to having an actual rough draft with all the details filled in and once I do I can print it and edit it by hand (which always helps me way more than staring at a computer for some reason). That way, I can start researching agents and publishing houses the closer I get to being finished. I plan on having a synopsis and query letter by the end of April at the latest if all goes according to plan.

14. Get a new freaking phone!

Yeah. I hate this piece of garbage. It's cracked, it's slow, and just last night I broke the only charger I have for it (which I had to wrap around the phone to get even the slightest charge). I've been trying to get a new phone forever since I'm up for an update, but Sprint has awful customer service and so we need to go to an actual store with the person in charge of the plan, so it's just a matter of coordinating our schedules.

15. Get at least 10 clients for Metamorphosis this month.

I currently have 7, so I don't doubt this is doable. Even if it isn't, it's just a nice goal to have. 


1. Write at least 15,000 words in the Dark Contemporary Book.

Did it. As I mentioned above, I broke 20,000 words--5,000 more than my goal!

2. Eat slightly better--or just remember to eat.

Yeah, being sick completely threw off my diet too. I basically ate whatever I felt like eating because I didn't feel good and usually all the fast stuff is unhealthy, so I don't look forward to hopping on a scale anytime soon. However, I've been eating a lot better since.

3. Go for a hike.

This is just one of those things I didn't have time for last month. Also, any nice day I was sick and when I wasn't it was snowing. Maybe as it gets warmer I'll have more chances to do it.

4. Look at houses.

We started tentatively doing this just to see what was out there. There are definitely a few affordable options for renting or buying, but we can't look too seriously before we know what our funds are like.

5. Work on abs more at the gym.

I started doing this before I got sick and I actually saw some small results. I plan to get back to it this month. 

6. Try a new recipe.

We did this one night. The recipe itself was pretty meh, but we made it together so it was fun.

7. Start and stop working around the same time each day.

While it's hard for me to stop sometimes, I have been more consistently stopping my work around 6 every day and it has done wonders for my brain.

8. Stop going on my phone in the middle of the night.

Like I mentioned before, it's been a lot easier to do this with a broken phone. Instead, if I wake up in the middle of the night I read and it makes me way more tired than staring at a bright screen. I plan to keep leaving my phone in a separate room when I go to bed.

9. Start back at workshop group.

Doing it. Although I actually missed the Skype call because I was on a Nyquil journey, I did send in my story and got feedback, so I'm looking forward to doing that more.

10. Query some book bloggers and/or promote books.

I did both last month and I have definitely seen a small shift in sales, so I'll probably continue to do this in March.

11. Get Sci-fi book ready for hand editing.

Yup. Still doing that.

12. Start thinking about a new realistic release schedule.

Did it. See above.

13. Do something with the poetry collection!

Yeah, that didn't happen. I just forgot. However, someone at the signing this past weekend saw my prints with some poems on them and really liked what they read, so that was encouraging.

14. Work on Newsletter list.

I decided to wait until people got to sign up at the signing this weekend, so I'll probably get to this sometime in the coming weeks.

15. Gather some guest posts for the blog.

I got my first guest post last month from the lovely Shirley. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do!


And that's it for this month. What are some of your goals?